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Power and Cultural Representations in the Modern Era: Diplomatic agents as cultural mediators in the Spanish Monarchy

Main Researcher: Diana Carrió-Invernizzi

It studies the cultural mediation developed by the ambassadors and agents of the Spanish Monarchy in the world, following the approaches of the new diplomatic history, connected with the global history and the visual studies that have emphasized the participation of the go-betweeners, or mediators, in the process of cultural transfers. In a polycentric monarchy such as the Spanish one, these brokers or intermediaries were abundant, and they connected different groups of power and made possible, through the use of cultural resources invested of strong symbolic content, the conservation of the Monarchy’s territorial integrity.

Our research is focused on the formal agents (ordinary and extraordinary ambassadors) and on the informal ones, such as merchants, religious agents, wives of the ambassadors, artists and all kinds of travellers. Through their activity we can understand the gradual development of a cosmopolitan culture. Their networks of influence were extended within and outside the territories of the Spanish Monarchy, contributing to its cohesion in places where the presence of the king and of the councils of government did not arrive.