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Power and Cultural Representations in the Modern Era: The Spanish Monarchy as a cultural field

Main Researcher: Joan Lluís Palos

  • This Project examines the imprint left by a series of practices of Italian heritage in the creation of a cultural field. This same cultural field allowed the Iberian Monarchies in the Early Modern period to exercise what we can describe as soft power. In order to achieve it, we follow two main lines of work:
  • The first one is centred on the Mediterranean sphere, and it examines the role of the Spanish agents in Italy as cultural mediators, the shipment to the Iberian Peninsula of all sorts of artefacts and the reconfiguration of their meanings according to the expectations of the patrons and of the public.
  • The second one looks at the Atlantic, and it analyses the distribution of objects and languages of Italian origin in the Iberian Monarchies territories, with a particular emphasis on reception, reutilization and reconfiguration of their meanings.